The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions proclaims itself as the legitimate successor of the hundred years of struggle by the Korean workers. The KCTU is the culmination and the continuation of the struggle of the democratic trade union movement forged by the resistance against brutal repression. The founding principles which have maintained this struggle and movement are democracy, national sovereignty, and solidarity.

These values are derived from the history of Korean trade union movement and our experiences under the military dictatorship. The KCTU members keenly recognise that trade union should be independent from any external forces, operate as a truly democratic organisation, should be able to extend solidarity to all democratic forces, national and international, in order to respond effectively to the problems and tasks workers face.

Having experienced the detrimental impact of the national division -- which has been one of the most important impediment in the development of independent and genuine trade union movement -- the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions is committed to realising the reunification of Korea on the basis of the principle of national sovereignty, independence, and peace. We believe reunification is the necessary condition for freedom, prosperity, and peace in Korea.

In its efforts and struggles to realise its values and principles, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions is committed to the political empowerment of working people and workers participation in the institutions of decision making in all spheres of the political, social, and economic life. Only when workers assume their rightful position in production and historical progress, can we realise the goals of democratic society and reunification, which are the necessary conditions for inherent dignity and equality of human beings.

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