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46 Appeal from Irregular Workers at Gwangju City Hall!

To all the workers remembering the May Gwangju struggle of 1980, we ask for your support to the struggle of irregular workers at Gwangju City Hall This month will be the 27th anniversary of the May 1980 struggle by the Gwanju people against the dictatorship. The city of Gwangju, w...

KCTU 2007.05.09 50238
45 KCTU Union Member Dies from Self-Immolation Attempt in Protest of the KOR-US FTA

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KCTU 2007.04.16 50596
44 U.S. Congress Members Sent Protest Letter to President Roh regarding Labour Rights Situation


KCTU 2007.04.13 52386
43 KCTU union member attempting self-immolation as an act of resistance KORUS FTA!

Dear Colleagues, Around 3:55 pm, April 1st, Bro. Heo Se-Wook(54), a union member of KCTU, was attempting to suicide by self-immolation as an act of resistance against the Korea-US FTA negotiation. His health condition is very serious and receiving an emergency medical treatment a...

2007.04.02 61799
42 Letter to FIFA, Mr. Blatter regarding the violation of human rights at Ulsan College

To: Mr Joseph S. Blatter President, FIFA From: Ulsan Branch, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU) March 27th, 2007 Dear Mr. Blatter, The Ulsan Branch of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions(KCTU) expresses its deep concern at the violation of human rights and labor repr...

2007.04.01 56120
41 Justice for Yeosu Detention Center Fire Victims and All Migrant Workers

Justice for Yeosu Detention Center Fire Victims and All Migrant Workers Dear Colleagues, We are writing to inform you about a tragic fire that recently broke out in a foreigners

KCTU 2007.03.08 50085
40 Urgent Call : Immigration Detention Center Fire Request for Solidarity

Dear allies and friends, Greetings from the Seoul-Gyeonggi-Incheon Migrants' Trade Union. We are a union formed by and for migrant workers in South Korea. Our members come from many countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, the Philippines, the U.S., Indonesia and Sri Lanka. We writ...

KCTU 2007.02.22 49575
39 Korean Cargo Transport Workers Goes on Strike

[Photo] KCTU holding general strike rally in front of the National Assembly to protest the Irregular Workers Bill on December 1 Korean Cargo Transport Workers Goes on Strike KCTU Outraged as the South Korean Government Passes the Irregular Workers Bill On November 30, one day aft...

KCTU 2006.12.02 50049
38 Over 200,000 KCTU members participated in the General Strike on Nov 22

Participants in the rally calling for an end to KORUS FTA negotiations[Photo from Chamnews] More than 200,000 KCTU Members Participated in the full-fledged General Strike on November 22 Over 170,000 people in 13 cities gathered to protest against the KOR-US FTA on the same day As...

KCTU 2006.11.28 50882

Photo : Leroy Trotman, Chair of the ILO Workers Group, Hans Engelbert, General Secretary of PSI, ITUC representative and members of the Global Unions deliver protest letters from the international organizations to a representative of the Permanent Mission of Korea in Geneva, on N...

KCTU 2006.11.22 53152
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