YPR's Illegal Union Busting Strategy Revealed but none has been punished

HONG, Jong-in, Chair of KMWU YPR Local is protesting on a 6 meter high bridge guardrail

"Investigate the CEO under detention! Dissolve the Company Union illegally established!"



At Yooseong Piston Ring (YPR), a major supplier of piston rings for Hyundai Motor as well as to four other major auto assemblers in Korea, the company had signed an agreement with the Korean Metal Workers’ Union locals at the YPR Asan and Yeong-dong plant to implement a 2 day-shift system with a monthly wage and no night work beginning January 2011. 

The agreement was meant to respond to sleep disorders and other health issues related to night work. However, in 2011 the 2 day-shift system was not implemented in YPR and the company refused to bargain in good faith to find solutions to implement the 2 day-shift system. On May 18, the union locals held a 2-hour trade union education for the day shift union members. Hours later, the company undertook an illegal lockout. Later on, during a parliamentary audit, it was revealed that this all was intentionally conducted according to the company’s long-term strategy to bust the union. 

Indeed, YSR had hired the Changjo Consultant, a professional union busting company. The union filed 23 complaints regarding the company’s unfair labour practise to the Ministry of Employment and Labour. The Ministry sent the case to the public prosecutors with the opinion that the CEO of the company should be investigated under detention. However, no action has been taken, leading the union leader to conduct an aerial protest on the guardrail of a bridge. KCTU

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