On April 24, 269,044 members of the KCTU from different workplaces joined the April 24 strike. All the workers who join the overall or partial strikes at their own workplaces held decentralised rallies in 17 cities. Teachers and government employees who are not guaranteed right to strike also joined the rallies getting annual leave collectively. 


In Seoul, some 15,000 striking workers got together in the Seoul Plaza, near to the City hall and marched through the Jongno Street. “This is just the beginning. Today we started with 260,000 but our struggle will continue to save the 10 million of precarious workers who are not eligible to joining the union and finally we will declare that 20 million workers are leading part of the society! Following the strike of today, 100,000 workers will gather in Seoul on May 1 and the 2nd wave of the strike will continue in June”, spoked  KCTU president Han, Sang-gyun. 


Sharan Burrow, the ITUC general secretary delivered a video message of solidarity. “Your stand today is about Korean workers and their rights, their rights to security. But in fact, it's stand for workers in your region and around the world as we seek to tame the growing power of corporations in the dominant model of trade that now reflects globalization we workers are not simply respected the rights are not respected and we know this is not something we can tolerate.”


Many other social movements groups of peasants, urban poor, students, and  the disabled also participated in the strike rallies in support of KCTU's key demands: 

Abolish the retrogressive ‘labour market reform’!
Stop the Public Pension Cuts! Improve National Pension System!
KWR10,000 (per hour) for Minimum Wage!
Fundamental Labour Rights for All!