President-elect Park, Solve the 5 Urgent Labour Issues!

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On 25th February the new Korean President Park Guenhye will take office. She is now highlighting "Social Inclusion" as a principle of her new government. However, so far she has never provide any specific initiative to improve workers' right and their livelihood


Since her election, KCTU has devoted itself on the 5 burning labour issues to put pressure on the new government to deal with them in urgent manner. 

A sit-in has launched in front of the Seoul City-hall. Representatives of various labour and social movement organisations are joining this sit-in. 

On 23 of February, with 2 days ahead of the inauguration ceremony of the new government, KCTU stages a national workers rally with  5 demands;

- Recognize the KGEU and to reinstate the 137 KGEU members and 165 KPTU members fired for their union activities;

- Urge Hanjin Heavy Industry to withdraw their lawsuit against the union’s leader and reinstate the dismissed workers;  

-Work with Parliament to launch an investigation into the Ssangyong mass layoffs as promised and to ensure the reinstatement of dismissed workers; 

- Urge Hyundai, and indeed the manufacturing industry, to respect the Supreme Court’s decision with regard to the use of in-house dispatch work; 

- Take enforcement actions against anti-union retaliation by employers and the establishment of company unions, especially in YPR. 



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