Workers will take the street on March 8, International Women’s Day

“ Still, the Era of Women Has not Come. Women, Forward! for Hope and Solidarity”




On March 8, KCTU, in cooperation with other women’s organization hold a women’s rally celebrating the International Women’s Day in Bosingak, downtown of Seoul. This year’s slogan is “Still, the Era of Women has not come. Women, Forward! for Hope and Solidarity”.  


In the rally, women will declare themselves as leaders of a change for achieving decent and happy work for the 99%. They will ask for equal right at work and regular and decent jobs rather than precarious jobs. In order to strengthen social security for all, they will request a progressive taxation. Equal pay for equal work, recognition of the value of emotional work and care work will be demanded as well.

With regard to the women’s right for their own body, women will demand a decriminalization of abortion and policies on pregnancy, childbirth and childcare as women want. Halt of cloth control as a means of sexual objectification and control over women workers, and elimination of sexual harassment at work are another major demand. It will be highlighted that it is women themselves who have the right on their own body.


Having women president for the first time in history, KCTU and other women’s organization will protest on the poor working condition of women workers, a series of death of workers, and privatization of public services which will deteriorate women’s livelihood.


105 years have passed since women workers took the street asking for wage increase, freedom of association and 10 hour work day, but women workers still denounce the miserable reality of workers who were driven to the top of electric pylon, bridge guardrail, bell tower, etc.


A survey on the women’s demand for the first women president, and key-word talk of women workers will be held during the week.


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