** Attached file is a documentation of International Conference on Defending and Promoting the Basic Rights of Migrant Workers in South Korea, which was held from August 20-21 in Seoul.

** For your information, the below is the Programme of that conference **

International Conference on Defending and Promoting the Basic Rights of Migrant Workers in South Korea

Monday, August 20, 2007

9:00                Welcome/Introduction:
                Bro. Lee Suk-Haeng, KCTU President

9:30         General Session 1: Implementation of International Labour Standards on Migrant Workers (MC. Bro. Choi Hyun-Mo, Korean Joint Action for Migrants)  

Speaker 1: Bro. Manolo Abella(Chief Technical Adviser , ILO Asian Regional Programme on Governance of Labour Migration Bangkok)

Panelist 1 : Kim Tae-Hyun(Executive Director, KCTU Policy Department)
Panelist 2 : Ellene Sana(Migrant Forum Asia)

Issues covered will be the following:
•        International labor standards on migrant workers, specifically the Non-binding Multi-lateral Framework on Migrant Workers.
•        Implementation of international standards to ensure migrant workers rights
•        International Trends and Policies on Migrant Workers
•        Global Unions response to defending and promoting the rights of migrant workers
•        Global Forum on Migration Development

11:30                  Lunch

13:30         General Session 2:Strategies in Organizing Migrant Workers (MC. : Sis. Jung Hye-Won, International Director, KMWU)
                Speaker 1: Bro. Khairul Ahamad Zainudin, TEUPM (Malaysia)
                Speaker 2: Bro. Nakazima Hiroshi, ZENTOITSU (Japan)
                Speaker 3: Bro. Kim Hyuk, Korean Metal Workers Union, KCTU (South Korea)
                Speaker 4: Bro. Kim Jin-eok, KCTU Seoul Regional Council (South Korea)
                Issues covered will be the following:

16:00                 Break

16:30                 Small group discussion:
18:30                  Solidarity Dinner

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

9:30                 Recap Previous Day

10:00                 General Session 2:
National Legal Policies on Migration and Trade Union Responses(MC. Bro. Kwon Doo-seob, KCTU Legal Center)
                Speaker 1: Sis. Ana Maria Corral, UGT (Spain)
                Speaker 2: Sis. Rajeswari Raman, MTUC (Malaysia)
                Speaker 3: Bro. Seok Kwon-Ho, KCTU (South Korea)

                Issues covered will be the following:
•        Various national trends on migration policies
•        Implication of migration policies on the labour market
•        Trade unions
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