International Seminar on the Status of Full-time Trade Union Officials and Global Standards

○ Time & Date: 14:00-17:00, Monday, 9 Nov 2009
○ Venue: Metro Hall (1st floor), CCMM Building, Yoido, Seoul
○ Co-organizers: KCTU, FKTU

Opening Speeches
- JANG Seok-chun (President, FKTU)
- LIM Sung-kyu (President, KCTU)

Presentations: Positions of Korean Trade Unions on Wages of Full-time Union Officials

- KIM Tae-hyun (Executive Director, Policy Dept., KCTU)
- KIM Jong-gak (Executive Director, Policy Bureau, FKTU)

Session 1/ Principles on Freedom of Association and the Question of Payment of Full-Time Trade Union Officials in the Republic of Korea
- Tim De Meyer (Specialist on International Labour Standards and Labour Law, ILO SRO-Bangkok)

Session 2/ Global Standards on Wages of Full-time Union Officials and Fundamental Workers' Rights
- Stephen Benedict (Director, Human and Trade Union Rights Department, ITUC)

Session3/ Legislation and Practices in Major Advanced Countries: with a Focus on OECD Countries
- Roland Schneider (Senior Policy Advisor, TUAC to OECD)

Session4/ Reasonable Ways of Resolving the Issue in light of Global Standards
- KIM Seon-soo (Lawyer)

Seesion5/ Current Positions of Korean Ministry of Labor
- KIM Kyung-seon(Ministry of Labor, Korea)