The attached file is a documents which submitted to the "International Workshop on the Current Developments Regarding Industrial Relations in South Korea and the Future of the OECD Monitoring Process". This workshop was held on April 10, Seoul.


- Welcoming Address ; Labour Rights Situation and Industrial Relations System in South Korea Far From International Labour Standards :  Lee Suk-Haeng, President, KCTU

- Labour Rights Situation in South Korea and the OECD Monitoring---causes, recommendations, and perspectives: Mr. Roland Schneider, OECD TUAC

- Compliance with ILO labour standards and outstanding reform issues: Dr. Lee Changhee, ILO Beijing Office

- Has there been "Tangible Progress" in Industrial Relations in South Korea? : Mr. Ambet Yuson, Regional Assistant Secretary, Building and Wood Workers International

- Repression of the Government Employees' Union and Basic Labor Rights  : Mr. Kim Jeong-Soo, General Secretary, Korean Government Employees Union
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