(*Note : KCTU organised a rally in front of the Philippines Embassy on August 6th against the political killings and suppression of workers in the Philippines in cooperation with various social and people's movements in South Korea. Around 200 union members and activists gathered and raised strong voices to urge the government of Philippines to stop the political and extra-judicial killings in the Philippines. The below is the Joint Press Statement of Korean trade union and social movements' groups which was released on the August 6th.)

[Joint Statement] We denounce the political killings and suppression of workers in the Philippines!

Since 2001, in the Philippines, about a thousand people have been killed or have become missing. Currently, except for countries engaged in war, the problem of political killings in the Philippines is being recorded as the worst form of human rights violation. It has already turned into an international human rights problem, with a growing voice from all over the world demanding the end of the killing. However, political killing continues without a clear way of its end. Today, Korea
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