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5th June, 2006
Why We Are Here : Voice of the Korean People on the Korea-Us FTA

We Do Not Want Another NAFTA!

1. We, representing Korean workers, farmers, peasants and civil society, are here in Washington D.C. to make our voices heard on the KORUS FTA to the American people. We are here to share our extreme fears about the proposed KORUS FTA with Americans. We believe that the proposed FTA is harmful not only for the Korean people, but for the people in the US as well, since the KORUS FTA follows the NAFTA model. It is a major problem for people in both nations.

2. The American people have already experienced NAFTA and its detrimental results. We know that when NAFTA was being negotiated, the US, Canada and Mexican governments made many promises to their citizens - such as creation of jobs and better living standards, just as the Korean and US governments are promising today. However, 11 years of NAFTA has shown that the reality is far from what was promised. In the course of 11 years, NAFTA has eliminated over 1 million jobs in just the US and increased irregular part-time jobs particularly in service sectors, which pay 23% to 77% less than the jobs that were replaced. Although NAFTA is called a
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