Trade Unions Proposal for Improvements of <Trade Union and Labour Relation Adjustment Act> (TULRAA)


Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU)

Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU)

Nov. 2012


I. KCTU Position on the Direction of the Amendment of the Trade Union Act 

1. Summary of the Current State of Labor Relations in South Korea

2. Demands for the Amendment of the Trade Union Act

1) Right to Organise

 (1) Expanding recognition as workers and strengthening the responsibility for employers 

 (2) Association Rights of Teachers and Government Employees

 (3) Repeal the ban on wage payment by employers for full-time union officials

 (4) Improving procedures for the reporting of the trade union establishment

2) Right to Collective Bargaining


 (1) Institutionalization of industry-level collective bargaining

 (2) Free and voluntary bargaining for multiple unions at the same enterprise

 (3) Restriction on the unilateral cancellation of collective agreements

3) Right to Collective Action


 (1) Restriction on claiming damages against trade unions and expansion of the right to strike 

 (2) Abolition of the system to Maintain Essential Public Services

 (3) Restriction on aggressive lockouts

II. FKTU Proposal for the Amendment of the Trade Union and Labor Relations Adjustment Act


1. Purpose and background

2. Key Items

<Table> Comparison of Proposals for the Improvements of the Trade Union Act by KFTU and KCTU


Total 99
No. Subject Name Regdate Hits
99 Three Years of President Kim Dae Jung: the impact of neoliberal Nobel Peace Laureate [12] KCTU 2003.06.24 180436
98 What is the National Education Information System and its problems? [6] KCTU 2003.06.25 180762
97 The KCTU Movement's 5 year Plan [16] KCTU 2003.08.14 179711
96 Report on Women Workers in Korea [8] KCTU 2003.10.07 177638
95 Flexibilization of Labor and the Future of the Trade Union Movement [7] KCTU 2003.10.09 176519
94 Statement on the government's "Roadmap for Industrial Relations Reform" [8] KCTU 2003.10.18 179052
93 [ARTUSC] Struggles of KCTU against Neoliberal Restructuring after Economic Crisis, and Perspectives [6] KCTU 2003.11.12 168485
92 [ARTUSC] Final Statement and Action Plan of the Asian Regional Trade Union Solidarity Conference [6] KCTU 2003.11.12 183138
91 [ARTUSC] Opening Address : For the Unity and Solidarity of Asian Worekrs [6] KCTU 2003.11.12 168341
90 [ARTUSC] Challenges of the Southeast Asian Trade Unions against the Regionalisation of Capital [6] KCTU 2003.11.12 163844
89 [ARTUSC]Trade Unions and Solidarity with People/Social movement Sectors [6] KCTU 2003.11.12 165768
88 [ARTUSC]The Role of Asian Trade Unions in Developing a Democratic and Progressive International Trad [6] KCTU 2003.11.12 179311
87 [ARTUSC] Asian Labour Movement and its perspective:Obstacles to Unity and how to overcome [8] KCTU 2003.11.13 163605
86 [ARTUSC] Pax Americana under US military domination and the tasks before the Peace Movement in Asia [7] KCTU 2003.11.13 163484
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84 [ARTUSC] Anti-War Struggle and the Trade Union Movement [6] KCTU 2003.11.13 163353
83 [ARTUSC] The All Japan Dockworkers Union Anti-War and Anti-Deregulations Movements [6] KCTU 2003.11.13 170966
82 [ARTUSC] The Reality of Women Migrant Workers in South Korea and Recommendations to Improve.. [7] KCTU 2003.11.13 170945
81 [ARTUSC] The HKCTUs Strategy in Response to the Neoliberal Globalisation [22] KCTU 2003.11.13 201168
80 [ARTUSC] The Case of TNCs in Korea [7] KCTU 2003.11.13 203701
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