Our Aims



The KCTU, building upon the history and tradition of the independent and democratic trade union movement, will construct a truly democratic society that will guarantee the inherent dignity and equality of human beings.



The KCTU will work towards political empowerment of workers. The KCTU will enhance solidarity among all democratic forces. The KCTU will work for the strengthening and advancement of national sovereignty and national culture. The KCTU will campaign for the realisation of full and comprehensive democratic rights. Tthe KCTU will work towards the peaceful reunification of Korea suffering from the devastating and distorting impact of the division.



The KCTU will consolidate organisational power of workers, with special focus on raising union density by organising the unorganised sectors of workers, building industrial unionism, and realising national industry-wide collective bargaining, based on industry-wide coordinated struggle. The KCTU will also work toward the unity of the trade union movement.



The KCTU will abolish suppression and control by state power and capital, and in doing, realise the fundamental labour and trade union rights. The KCTU will work towards a system of co-determination thorugh participation of workers and union in the management decision making process and structure. This will accompany the struggle to eliminate undemocratic practices at the workplaces.



The KCTU will improve working conditions, by achieving decent living wages, guarantee of employment security, elimination of industrial accidents and promotion of occupational health and safety standards, the consolidation of maternity protection. The KCTU will struggle to eliminate all kinds of discriminatory practices, to realise gender equality, to promote meaningful employment of disabled persons, and equal rights for migrant workers.



The KCTU will struggle to enhance and consolidate the regulatory control of monopoly capital, while working to promote the development of small and medium enterprises and agriculture. The KCTU will campaign -- together with other progressive social forces -- to reform and consolidate social security, basic housing, free education, universal health care, justice in taxation, prices, prudential financial system, common public good use of land, protection of environment, and solution of the traffic problems which degrade the urban and national life.


The KCTU, by developing solidarity with workers around the world, will enhance the capacity of the international workers movement. The KCTU will join with all progressive people's forces to realise and defend human rights, democracy, and peace against the threat of war and nuclear weapons.

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